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Braouzis is established for many years in treatment and standardization
of edible olives for the local and international market.

Uncle Thanasi with love and care began a traditional family business in 1937, and managed through a long period
of time based on hard work to create a company which specializes in olive processing. With respect for the
environment and our consumers, using no preservatives or colors, and following the motto of perfection our company
has been collaborating
with the largest supermarkets in Greece and is spreading throughout the European markets.
The uprising of our company is on a steady course and is predicted to do so after establishing a grasp of the
European markets, always by investing and researching for the best possible outcome.
Our goal is to please our customers by complying with all their needs.


A new idea which has drawn our attention and we believe will be preferred by our customers, is a new kind, the
baked olive.

This procedure gives the olive a sweet taste which we
are shore will be favored by consumers.